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We are 'The Final Victory' organization. Our mission is to uncover and share remarkable untold stories of the Jewish people who rose from the ashes of the Holocaust.

We have pursued this goal by producing powerful, distinctive 'victory films' and presenting them to worldwide audiences at special events. Our events include a movie screening from our repertoire and a unique discussion with the audience.

Our Meetings


Watch us in action!

Watch us in action!



My name is Roy Mandel, and I have been producing documentary films for over 20 years. In 2014, I founded the association "The Final Victory," whose main focus is producing powerful and inspiring documentary films and distributing them in Israel and around the world.

I have had the privilege of producing six Victory films, five of them with the man from whom I learned not only to tell a story but much more than that - the journalist and creator, Chaim Hecht.

Our films have been broadcast on various television channels and translated into multiple languages. However, beyond their television broadcast, I felt that these important films needed to reach the central hubs of Israeli society.

For over a decade now, we have been proud to lead educational programs in the military, including in the IDF General Staff Forum, the Home Front Command, Military Intelligence, Cyber, Special Units, Infantry Brigades, and more.

We conduct our inspirational encounters through lectures and films, which bring to light how Israel is something not to be taken for granted, and how far we have come from the darkest places on Earth.

For a decade, we have met everyone - young and old, female and male, students and soldiers, youth and adults, officers and non-commissioned officers. From north to south, we reach educational institutions, companies, organizations, nursing homes, and youth programs.

Our inspirational encounters leave a lasting impact on most participants, a memory they will carry with them throughout their lives.

"The Final Victory" - Education, Values, and a lot of inspiration!



Bełżec –A story that must be told

Bełżec extermination camp was the largest, most horrendous killing machine in the history of humankind. Much worse than Auschwitz and yet, the story of this camp has somehow elapsed from our collective memory.


To Belzec, hundreds of thousands of Jews from Krakow, Lublin, Radom, and countless towns in Eastern Poland were transported, packed tightly into trains of death with no room to breathe.

Many perished on the trains. Those who survived the journeys of death were led from the morning's train platforms to the gas chambers, where carbon monoxide from Soviet tank engines was pumped in.

Approximately 12,000 Jews were exterminated in Belzec every day. Debates about the exact numbers continue, but what is certain is that children and their parents, entire families, and entire communities were mercilessly slaughtered.

The mountains of corpses piled in layers, filling enormous pits, some of which still contained the living. Belzec was not an ordinary death camp; it was a place solely dedicated to the technical execution of mass murder.

Only two survivors made it out of Belzec. Testimonies are exceedingly scarce. With the dismantling of the camp, nine months after its operation, the Nazis erased all traces of its existence in Operation 1005, one of the largest cover-up operations in human history.

From December 1942 to April 1943, around 600,000 murdered bodies were exhumed from the burial pits and burned in the crematorium facility. The remaining bones, not consumed by the flames, were crushed into ashes and returned to the pits.

Today, where the death camp once stood, there stands a massive monument attempting to convey the power of the extermination. Next to it is a small museum. Most of the time, the place is eerily devoid of people.

It's been a long time since we returned from there. Alongside me was Sarah Melzer, a 96-year-old woman who escaped from the town of Belzec before the extermination camp was established. Anyone she recognized from her town was murdered in the camp. Throughout her life, she wondered when the story would be told, the story of the terrible death camp.

Dr. Sarah Melzer is an artist and a creator, a woman of strength and determination. Her story of survival and triumph will be included in the full-length film we are producing.

Our ultimate goal is to raise resources for the production of the full-length film - "Belzec."

Come. Join Us!




An empowering encounter, based on a stirring documentary film that tells the extraordinary story of Dr. Felix Zandman.

Felix, a Holocaust survivor, hid with his uncle and two other Jews in a pit that was dug under the bed of the Polish maid who worked at his family's house. During the 17 months of his stay under the ground, Felix was taught mathematics and physics by his uncle. When he got out of the pit, Felix became one of the most influential scientists of the twentieth century and bought the German "Telefonkan" concern, which was the source of Hitler's pride during WWII.

The film showcases the strength of the Jewish spirit that emerged from the ashes of the Holocaust. Felix Zandman is a model of excellence, dedication to a goal, and thinking outside the box!

The encounter is accompanied by Mrs. Ruta Zandman, who moves and engages the audience with shared stories from their lives.

The film 'The Final Victory of Felix Zandman' was directed by Haim Hecht and produced by Roy Mandel.

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The "One Flight for Us" encounter sharpens the understanding that the State of Israel is not a given, and every day we must treat it as such.

The documentary film "One Flight for Us" exposes how the Allied forces, led by the United States and Britain, were aware of the Holocaust and did nothing. Despite countless flights, they never had even one flight that could have halted the transport of Jews to the crematoriums at Auschwitz.

Former Air Force Commander Amir Ashel, initiated and led the Israeli Air Force flyover of the Auschwitz concentration camp, a flight that left an indelible mark in the skies with a resounding message - never again!

The film 'One Flight for Us' was directed by Haim Hecht and produced by Roy Mandel.


More about the 'Ziv Shilon - Iron Man' encounter

A day before he finished his service as a company commander in Givati, Captain Ziv Shilon was severely injured during an operational activity by an explosive device attached to the fence. Despite suffering critical injuries and losing both of his hands, he continued to function and lead the operation for his own rescue from the area.

When he woke up in the hospital, Ziv realized that his life had changed forever. Once the threat of death had passed, the struggle to return to life began. Over the course of two years, Ziv underwent more than 17 surgeries and intensive rehabilitation.

His recovery process is an inspiring and remarkable story of the power of both the body and the spirit when facing challenges. His participation in the Ironman competition worldwide is just one of his victories.

In the meeting with "Ziv Shilon - Iron Man," one thing is clear: there's no room for surrender, no room for giving up!

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A marvelous and enchanting encounter that unfolds the story of the rescue of Europe's Jewish musicians and their families who fled to Israel during World War II, led by the world-renowned violinist of that time, Bronislaw Huberman.

In the late 1930s, as Hitler tightened his grip on power, he began to expel Jewish artists, intellectuals, writers, poets, and musicians. Bronislaw Huberman could not stand idly by. He started gathering the musicians whom Hitler had expelled along with their families and brought them to the Land of Israel.

These musicians would eventually become the first members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

The "Return of the Violin" encounter brings to light the journey against the prevailing current, the determination, and the unwavering commitment to act against all odds. It is a meeting that highlights the differences between the darkness of extremists and the values of individual heroes.

The film 'The Return of the Violin'' was directed by Haim Hecht and produced by Roy Mandel.

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Man is the most deadly predator on Earth. He can shift between extreme good and absolute evil.

The "Two Barns" encounter sheds light on the part played by the Poles in the actions against Jews, both before and after the Holocaust - towards the Poles who risked their lives to save them.

Is there still a place in the world where we can live as Jews and flourish?

Eight hundred years of good neighborly relations in Polish towns prompt this question.

What led 1,600 Poles to rise one morning and burn 1,600 of their Jewish neighbors, with whom they had lived for over 800 years?

The encounter illuminates the unfathomable divide between light and darkness – and what lies in between.

The film 'Two Barns' was directed by Haim Hecht and produced by Roy Mandel.

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More about the 'Made By Zyd' encounter

​Zyd, the name that was given to the Jews in Europe during the 1930s and 1940s, delineates the common perception of Jews as passive, weak, and submissive.

75 years later, the Jewish people established a proud nation with an advanced defense force and became a global technological leader, providing defense to others.

History went mad!

On those production lines where Jews were forced to work during World War II, today, Israeli engineers, working for Rafael, produce advanced defense missiles for the Polish government.

From the ashes and dust of the Holocaust, in the land of Israel, the Jewish people became a light to the nations and a global leader in progress and technology, contributing to the world, humanity, and society.

The film 'Made by Zyd' was directed by Haim Hecht and produced by Roy Mandel.


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